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ACT CLUTCH KIT: SUPRA NA 8/88-5/97 & SC300 92-97/IS300

Model Number: ACT-TS3-XTMM
Your Price: $409.99

Advanced Clutch Technology Clutch Kit for: Toyota Supra Turbo (7MGE) 8/88-5/97, 236mm. Also Fit Lexus IS300 02-05 & SC300 92-97. (Kit comes with extreme pressure plate, modified street disc, release bearing, pilot bearing & alignment tool.) This clutch offers 350LBS of Torque.

Xtreme Pressure Plate
* 50-120% clamp load increase
* Moderate to stiff pedal feel
* Recommended disc: street or race

Modified Street Disc
* Recommended for street and occasional race
* Quicker engagement
* Quiet operation
* Improved friction material and/or hub strength


ACT CLUTCH KIT: SUPRA NA 8/88-5/97 & SC300 92-97/IS300
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